Stickers A Plenty

Stickers of wisdom and cool illustrations,
Bright colored letters and warm salutations,
for laptops, and bottles, for joy and for bling.
These clearly are some of my favorite things!

Happy December, and hello! If you haven’t noticed, I have a bit of a penchant for stickers. My collection grows and grows. Ever since I created a sticker out of my Wander On artwork back in 2019, I have found such joy in bringing my art to life through this fun medium.  They work great to personalize water bottles, as laptop stickers​ , on journals and cars, helmets and skis, coolers, and beyond! They are a way to let your personality and passions show through your favorite everyday objects.

I love them so much I created a sticker club on Patreon to help fund my obsession! Though this was a little more work than I anticipated, I enjoyed sending out inspiration in sticker form to spread positivity. In my opinion, stickers make great gifts and are a perfect way to share wise, whimsical, wonderful words.

Often I get asked how I make my stickers. The answer is Sticker Mule! I have had such great experiences with this company, and love the high-quality stickers they produce. They truly are a perfect way to add some color and bling to your favorite things.

Check out some of my personal favorites below, and visit my Etsy shop to see all 200+ stickers available now!