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Colleen uses typography to create hand lettered designs out of words. She is a manufacturer of inspiration & passion for nature.

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Wander On Words is a celebration of hand-lettered art, photography & design. Take a look at our hand-lettered artwork here!

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Colleen also has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art photography. She loves to travel & share her beautiful journeys.

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“This was the perfect going-away gift for my co-worker! He loved it, and so did everyone else that saw it!! WanderOnWords was quick, responsive, and the hand lettered print looked as good in person as it did online. I would definitely recommend this shop, and will order from them again!

– April Johansson, Feb 27, 2018


Inspiration, Motivation & Preservation

Unique Logos, Customized Gifts & More

Hand-lettering is a lost art form in this day and age. A beautiful juxtaposition between art & design, hand lettering is the art of drawing letters.

Are you looking for a unique logo with a hand-crafted feel? Do you want a new design to showcase your business? Contact Colleen today to get a quote on hand-lettered logo design!

Colleen also loves to do commissioned pieces. Have a favorite quote or an idea for a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or loved one? Look no further than Wander On Words! We look forward to working with clients to craft an amazing piece of artwork that will bring a smile to their face and inspiration to their life.

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Colleen Wilcox graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography. She adores the outdoors and her photography reflects this passion. Throughout her travels, she has been able to photograph beautiful wildlife and incredibly unique landscapes of the world.

Now, Colleen loves taking photos and documenting her life though Instagram. Follow her explorations (and those of her husband and blue heeler pup, Fin) through her constantly updated feed. Whether it be a powder day in Vermont, a backcountry camping adventure, or simply a delicious donut, her social media presence is sure to entertain.

Need some inspiration? She tries to include interesting and resonating quotes with each post!

Help Protect Our National Parks

Wander On Words™ is a celebration of hand-lettered art, photography and design. Our mission is to spread positivity, inspire others, and rekindle a love for nature!

Colleen has been lucky enough to explore some of our National Parks, & she thinks each one is more breathtaking than the next. They hold a special place in her heart. Not only was she inspired to start hand lettering in Yellowstone National Park; she also met her husband there. They have since traveled to many more parks together & long to venture to them all one day. Her wish is for everyone to have a chance to experience the wonders of our National Parks. In order for that to happen, the Parks must be preserved.

With Colleen’s hand-lettered artwork she strives to pay respect to these last vestiges of wilderness & work towards protecting them. A percentage of her profits each year go to the National Park Foundation.

By purchasing from Wander On Words™, YOU help protect our National Parks!

Freelance Graphic Design

When moving to Vermont, Colleen took up a job as a Graphic Designer at Boss Office Works in Killington. In art school she studied a bit of graphic design and a lot of typography, which gave her an appreciation for the craft. She has worked as a designer there for the past 5 years. Constantly learning and improving her design skills, she now offers freelance Graphic Design as well as hand lettering.

She is also trained in web design and has created multiple business websites and marketing materials. Through Boss Office Works, she has worked with clients all over the United States, from New York to California.

“Absolutely love this. My husband and I are avid outdoorspeople, and our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up. The only problem will be holding onto the card until April. Thank you!”

 Tania Cooper
Tania Cooper

“My sister will cherish this beautifully crafted artwork which even lists her home town.”


“The recipient LOVED the personalized gift and the reference of two states that have impacted them when combined with a meaningful poem was PRICELESS! Thank you and your work is fantastic! Great interaction and customer service.”

Dawn Hewitt
Dawn Hewitt

“Great print, I put it in a frame and it looks great. Good purchase, very quickly delivered.”


“I requested a custom color and size and she did great! I love my print and the colors! Super easy conversation and prompt responses!”

 Summer Burkholder
Summer Burkholder

“Seller was super quick with the turnaround so I was able to buy the card less than a week before I needed it. And she customized it beautifully. Highly recommend.”

Noel Nico
Noel Nico

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