Fun, New Animal Designs

I have recently been inspired to create some new animal designs! I always get requests when I do shows for different creatures and inspirational quotes and am always happy when I can sit down and create them. New designs include rabbits, horses, and dogs. There are so many great animal quotes, and, as you might have noticed, I have a special section of designs devoted to animals and wonderful words about them.

I also have had a custom dog shape request this week. One of the things I enjoy and would like to share is that I can customize any animal shape design. This particular request was for a Great Dane. Let me know what you think of the final product!

I am a huge animal lover myself and am grateful that I can work from home with my blue heeler, Fin, by my side. Even though he adds a melody of barks and cries for attention throughout the day, he makes me smile and stay active too. He is my muse and I can’t help but photograph him along with my hand lettering! I snuck some images of him in with my work below.

Do you have a special four-legged friend that you’d like to commemorate with a piece of hand-lettered art? Contact me today to get a quote and start on your unique, custom artwork! I can tailor a shape to fit your pet or simply create a lettered design of a favorite animal quote.

Thanks for reading! Wander On,