Colleen Wilcox graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography. She adores the outdoors and her photography reflects this passion. Throughout her travels,  she has been able to photograph beautiful wildlife and incredibly unique landscapes of the world.

Along with nature photography, Colleen also has an interest in self-portraiture. Her senior thesis show, entitled introspection, was an exploration of different perspectives of her life. She blended her photography and her love for words and poetry into a cohesive body of self portraits with titles such as, it’s about noticing and it’s about who we are when we’re not rehearsing who we are.

Although Colleen is focusing more on hand lettering at the moment, photography is still a huge draw for her. She makes expeditions with her Nikon when she can and uses her photographs to enhance her hand lettered signs. Check out some of her photography below.




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